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Broadcasting BrightonSEO live

We’ve finished broadcasting BrightonSEO live a few weeks ago, so now’s probably a good time to leave you with some thoughts on what went on, so here are 5 of the things we learned at BrightonSEO in September 2016.

You can check out the video of all the recorded talks here.

1) SEO hasn’t changed completely

It’s easy to be scared by advice that all link building is bad. Both Stacey MacNaught and Paul Madden emphasised that although you should be building links in the quantity that many people used to, link building is far from deal. And many of the older SEO techniques still work – as long as if you implement them with a little bit of common sense.

2) Reavow works, so be careful!

Paul Madden started off his talk by sharing a list of the most common domains that are disavowed. He then shared a list of the most common domain names that are most mistakenly disavowed. However, he also showed that by “reavowing” domains, Google would quickly start re-counting links from these domains. So reavow with caution!

3) If it doesn’t resonate, it won’t fly

Hannah Smith took us through a few examples of content that was really effective, and generated lots of links and content that just didn’t cut it when it came to generating links and online shares. She argued that in order for your content to be a success, you need to focus on how it makes the consumer feel. If it doesn’t resonate, it’s much less likely to ‘fly’.

4) To be a great SEO, you need to explore other digital marketing opportunities

It was intriguing that the first afternoon session came under the umbrella “social”, bearing in mind that this was an SEO event. However, I was particularly impressed by the Facebook advertising tops that Greg Gifford shared. To me it emphasised the necessity for SEOs to be working closely with other digital marketers to maximise the impact of all opportunities.

5) YouTube is auditory-led, Facebook visual-led

Phil Nottingham was also part of the “social” umbrella, and he shared some interesting video optimization tips. One thing that he said which was of particular interest to me was that YouTube was auditory-led, and Facebook visual-led. Meaning that getting your audio right on YouTube is most important, and likewise with visual communication on Facebook video.

So that completes my mini BrightonSEO overview. For a more comprehensive recap, remember to check out the event video.

You can also find a complete list of BrightonSEO Slides and Presentations  post by our friends at Media Flow.

Guest post written by David Bain.

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