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I have received a few notifications of this new test and shopping look on mobile from @Christophe_Rock,  @nvkvamshi and @adwords.

The card-based SERP for desktop user interface was seen in testing again

Google has launched this new UI back in 2013, but after much testing it has been replaced. It had appeared again this year in May, but now it’s back on the ‘testing’ table! The card-based SERP for desktop seems very popular on a mobile search, so possibly this is why Google is once again experimenting with it.


Notably, it is not specific for news, images or else. It seems that all results are laid out with the new ‘card snippet’ look. News results, Local search they all been given their own sleek card snippet view. Unfortunately this has been taken away again, so you won’t see it!

Google is also rolling out a catalogue-look for people out in fashion on mobile

It seems that Google is looking to make shopping a lot easier to find clothes and more fashion-like items in a sleek catalogue-look. The company describes its new Shop the Look experience as follows:

“When you search for an outfit with query like ‘cocktail attire’, Google will surface a photo of a fashion blogger wearing a cocktail dress and accessories to go with it; you can then check out those exact products, or similar looking ones through relevant Shopping ads.”


How it works:

“Let’s say you’re looking for a new outfit to wear to a wedding. If you search for “cocktail attire”, you could see an image of a popular fashion blogger wearing a black cocktail dress, heels and sunglasses. You can shop those exact (or visually similar) products featured in the image by tapping through and exploring the relevant products shown in the form of Shopping ads. “

Personally, I like both card-based desktop look and the shopping look on Mobile, I look forward to see these when are tried, tested and live. Obviously there are a number of pitfalls with the ‘card-based’ look i.e. search results will drop down as the continues battle for ‘white space’ will never end, and clearly this is on top of Google’s to-do list!

Credits: SEWatch, GoogleTheNextWeb

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