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Back in the year 2000 when Google AdWords was first launched, all we had to get excited by as advertisers was that we had the ability to target potential customers using the search queries they entered and compelling ads. As we flash forward to 2016 and into 2017, we have so much more that we can get excited by.

Whether you are a local brand, a nationwide brand or a global brand; targeting B2B or B2C, there is so much that you can use Paid Media for to grow your business and improve ROI.

Google have had a big push on local initiatives recently. Back at the start of 2016 at their AdWords and Analytics Innovation Summit, the vast majority of upcoming features were heavily biased towards local so it is a real exciting time for anyone looking to dominate in local markets.

The Paid Media Purchase Funnel

My talk at the Digital Marketing Summit in Southampton in October 2016 will focus on lots of different strategies that local businesses can use to help them attract new customers and funnel them through the purchase journey.

The Purchase Funnel that I always use when it comes to Paid Media is as simple as:

  1. Unaware
  2. Aware
  3. Consideration
  4. Preference
  5. Purchase
  6. Loyalty
  7. Advocacy

If a business works out a Paid Media strategy that encompasses ideas for each of these stages that link together well, the total number of conversions and conversion rate will go up. Humans are fickle creatures when it comes to marketing. We need to be given frequent yet sometimes subtle reminders of a brand, product or service before we buy. This is why the funnel targeting approach to Paid Media works really well.

A sneak peek at 6 local paid media strategies

I don’t want to give everything away now, so let’s just look at a few examples of what local businesses could do.

Awareness Idea – YouTube In-Stream Ads

The real benefit of using YouTube Instream ads is that you can get some great brand exposure but for a much lower cost than traditional PPC advertising.

These ads are the skippable ones that you see at the start of YouTube videos and advertisers can select the type of video content their ads appear on. The main thing to consider when looking to test the waters with Instream ads is that the first five seconds of the video needs to be so engaging and on point that the person watching it does not want to skip.

The great thing with these ads is that if someone does click Skip, you as an advertiser will not pay for this so essentially that first five seconds is free branding.

Consideration Idea – Reviews, Vouchers and Discount Terms

Once a potential customer becomes aware of your brand, a lot of people will go and do their due diligence and find out more about the brand to ensure you are a reputable company. Likewise, the search demand for discounts, discount codes and vouchers etc has increased significantly over the years.

At this stage in the funnel, it is important to have a presence across all these types of terms to provide the potential customers with the right messages at the right time that you control.

Preference Idea – Gmail Ads for Competitor Terms

One of the best features within Gmail Sponsored Promotions is that you can upload a list of all your competitors as keywords and then whenever someone receives an email from one of them, you can have an add at the top that tries to encourage them to visit your website and convert.

This is a great way of keeping your brand in the forefront of your potential customers minds if they are considering other competitors on the market.

Purchase Idea – Promoted Pins

This is a new feature that only got announced earlier this year. Businesses can now pay for a promoted pin within Google Maps that showcases a lot more information about the local business including any discounts and promotions that you may have on offer.

These can work really well for local businesses looking to drive footfall into a bricks and mortar premise and entice them to buy from you verses a local competitor.

Loyalty Idea – RLSA Competitor Bidding

As businesses, we spend a huge amount of effort and money growing our customer base to attract new business. If you have a business whereby customers can buy from you more than once, you really should be heavily investing in some form of loyalty marketing. Whether that is a loyalty programme or just that you are actively marketing to your current customer base, there should be some form of a strategy.

With RLSA Competitor Bidding, you can take a list of existing customers and if they go to Google and search for a competitor term, you can return an engaging advert to encourage them to buy from you again rather than leave you to try out the competition.

Advocacy Idea – Gmail Ads with Customer Match – Forward to Friend Discount Code

If you have happy customers, why wouldn’t they want to recommend you to their friends and family? You can encourage your customers to become brand advocates and do a lot of your marketing for you!

Using Gmail Sponsored Promotions coupled with Customer Match, you could create a unique discount for customers to pass on to their friends and family. This could be as simple as ‘forward this email onto a friend for them to receive 10% off their first order’.

So there you have it, a little sneak preview into some of the things I will be covering in my talk at the DMSSO. Come along to the session to see lots more strategies that you can be using for each stage of the purchase funnel. I would love to see you there.

Digital Marketing Summit Southampton 2016

Samantha Noble is the Client Strategy Director at Koozai with a key focus on Paid Media ranked #6 by PPC Hero in the Top International PPC Expert list. She helps clients grow their business through creating highly targeted digital strategies that focus on every stage of the marketing funnel. With her passion for digital, she founded the Digital Females group back in 2011 and is also working as the Co-Chief Editor for State of Digital.

Samantha Noble will speak about Paid Media for Local Businesses: Driving Sales through Funnel Targeting, walking you through 25 different localised Paid Media strategies that you can use to target your potential audience and push them through the consumer purchase funnel.

Make sure you grab your Last Minute Tickets to attend Digital Marketing Summit in Southampton. Boot camps only or Keynote presentations only tickets are now available.

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