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The world of social media

Can seem quite daunting to an outsider, but you can keep it as simple as you need. It’s also a great opportunity to get some free marketing and to interact with people who, without social media, wouldn’t know about your company.

We’ll outline some of the best ways for your company to use social media to its advantage.

Set Achievable Goals

The first thing to do when trying to improve your social media is to set some achievable goals. Take for example:

  • “We want to get to 1,000 followers by the end of the year”
  • “We’re going to increase visits to our website by 20%”
  • “We want to increase our monthly Retweets by 50”

These can all be realistic goals if you have the right strategy, but always remember to take note of the starting statistics. To learn more about how important content marketing is, take a look at the blog post here.

Start off with the appearance of your social profiles. Do they all use similar, branded imagery? If not, find an image or logo that will represent your company across every platform. This helps your audience recognise the brand and creates a feeling of trust as they can identify with your company easily.

Content is The King

Using your strategy for online marketing, think about content you can post that will be of interest to your target audience and something that will set you apart from your competitors.

Be nosey! Have a look at what they’re doing on their social media and where they’re lacking, as this will help you plan future content more effectively.

Alongside this is the 80/20 rule. We use it to define the balance of our content between general industry news and promoting conversions or sales. There shouldn’t be too much of a focus on the fact that you really want to sell to your audience, this will put people off.

Make sure that 80% of the content you’re publishing is external, industry news and shared from other websites. The remaining 20% of your content can direct users to your company website or product pages.

Your post content will play an important role in the success of your page. As with the 80/20 rule, you need to decide what the tone of your page will be and what topics you will include in your 80% of general news.

If you can stretch to adding humorous content, this could really boost your engagement. Funny posts are shareable and have an amazing ability to go viral. For more about the benefits of showing your funny side – see our blog post here.

How Often to Post

It’s also worth having a look into the amount other people are posting. This is different for each platform. Twitter is a very in-the-moment platform and posts have short life spans so posting more here is key, we’d recommend 2-3 times a day.

Facebook posts last longer than so you can post around 2-3 times a week. This depends on the platform your company is most successful on. If this is Facebook then there isn’t a problem with posting more frequently, just be mindful of over-sharing.

Google + and LinkedIn posts last well so 2-3 posts a week is a good goal. These are rough guidelines so if you can’t always keep up with the posts, it’s not the end of the world. Just try to keep it regular. Scheduling tools can help with this.

Paid Advertising

Once you’ve got your content sorted, advertising is then something to think about. It’s a great way to increase your reach and audience engagement.

There are some amazing ways you can target your audience when advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Think about what stage your ideal customer is at.

For example, if you own a gift shop, you could target your advertising to the friends of people who have a birthday approaching. Targeting can be extremely detailed and the more specific you are, the more likely you are to get conversions from the advertising.

The other brilliant thing about social media advertising is the price! You don’t have to spend thousands on a whole campaign; you could even decide to try boosting a post on Facebook with as little as £5. This small step could get you a lot of likes and followers so it’s definitely worth a try.

If you have any more tips or questions for us, feel free to get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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