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Measuring Effectiveness

This month saw the launch of the Content Marketing Association’s (CMA) fourth industry report – Measuring Effectiveness.

A collection of articles from leaders in the field of content marketing, containing some truly valuable insights for all those focused on ensuring their content is working effectively.

The report also contains a survey of senior level marketers. 73% of these marketers from across leading brands and agencies said measurement is very important to their content marketing strategy, with half of marketers currently spending 6-15% of their content marketing budget on measurement.

Nearly half of the respondents (45%) are planning to increase this in the next year, with 56% already automatically offering it as part of their content marketing strategy, demonstrating measurements importance in the industry.

In recent years, content marketing has been rated by marketers as one of the most effective marketing techniques.  A survey by Smart Insights and Hubspot – ‘Managing digital marketing in Europe’, shows that in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 it was rated as THE most important marketing technique in terms of generating incremental online leads or sales in the year ahead.

However, we still have a job to do in order to improve our measurement techniques. In the CMA report, the top two challenges marketers listed in measuring content marketing were cited as access to data (65%) and no one agreed system (57%), followed by accuracy (46%), ineffective tools (45%) and time (43%).

Content Shock 2016

Content Shock is the term recently being bandied about to highlight our current state of there being more content produced than there is actually demand to consume. As businesses increase their content production, so too does their competition. Therefore the perceived value of your content by your target audience is decreased.

Making your content marketing effective is now more important than ever. Rather than producing more, we should actually be producing less, higher quality content, effectively targeted and distributed using consumer insight and understanding.

Effective content marketing allows brands to:

  • Tell deeper, richer, stories
  • Engage in a two-way dialogue with consumers
  • Leverage social behaviour
  • Amplify and enhance other activities
  • Build and improve consumer insight and targeting

The ultimate goal at the very heart of a content strategy is to create an action. That may be a sales purchase, a registration, a subscription, a payment, a donation or specifically a behaviour change. However these different potential outcomes means there is no right or wrong answer to what brands should measure against, as long as the metrics are intrinsically linked to these clearly defined business objectives and trackable goals.

There isn’t just one solution for the best metric; objectives will define the metrics that are most suitable; be that engagement, volume, sentiment or more importantly, action. The crucial point is to agree those goals at the start of the campaign so the correct parameters are adopted in order to measure effectiveness consistently throughout.

You can access the full CMA report here.

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