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Let’s start by answering a few questions…

  • What does it take for your business to turn a stranger into a customer?
  • How hard does that feel?
  • How many people are involved in that process?
  • Is everyone clear on the role they play in getting that customer in the door?
  • What activity works and doesn’t work?

Taking a cold piece of data and turning it into a paying customer is challenging; no matter what business you are in, and what size.

If we don’t know the answers to these questions, then it’s a very tough situation. And this is the unfortunate (and perfectly normal) place that many businesses find themselves in.

For those businesses, it can feel like they are leaving their Marketing to chance; not really knowing what ingredients to put into the pot to get success.

It’s more important than ever for every business to take control and ensure that any piece of prospect data is maximised, and they have the known formulas in place that will turn that unknown customer into profit.

This means creating a fantastic Customer Contact Strategy!

Here’s the thing… Sales often happen when there is a deep and meaningful relationship between the company and the buyer. And this is the relationship we need to create as quickly as possible.

For some business, that relationship can build in a few days, and others? It can take years. And we need to give ourselves the best possible chances of success.

During the Digital Marketing Summit Southampton, All Star Marketing Club reveals the Ultimate Customer Contact Strategy that develops those relationships effectively to drive sales and a return on investment.

They will share with you the steps that you need to take to create a Customer Contract Strategy that works.

This is 100% PRACTICAL stuff, that challenges the norm, highlights the pitfalls that many businesses fall into, and shows the true power of uniting traditional Marketing with digital.

Digital Marketing Summit Southampton 2016

Making your content marketing effective is now more important than ever. Victoria Vickery, Managing Director and Rebecca Paterson, Director, from All Star Marketing Club will discuss about ways to enhance Marketing results by effortlessly crafting Marketing Communications Strategies that are engineered to take that cold piece of prospect data through to a paying customer. They will also look at the power of uniting traditional and Digital Marketing with this results-driven Marketing methodology.

Victoria Vickery and Rebecca Paterson have many years of experience in traditional and digital marketing and they are coaching 100s of Small Businesses across the south coast to make Marketing work for them. Together they will present about The Ultimate Customer Contact Strategy at Digital Marketing Summit in Southampton.

Make sure you grab your Last Minute Tickets to attend Digital Marketing Summit in Southampton. Boot camps only or the Keynote presentations only tickets are now available.

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