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dmsso17 Speakers

Exciting line-up for 19th-20th October

We are featuring only the best from our industry. Our speakers are flying in as far as United States, Tel Aviv, Germany and of course from across the UK.

Samantha Noble

Paid Media / Koozai

Client Strategy Director at Koozai with a key focus on Paid Media.

Dixon Jones

Link intelligence / Majestic

Link intelligence expert - UK Search Personality of the Year.

Lexi Mills

PR & SEO / Marquis Communications

Multi-award winning digital marketing expert in PR SEO.

Tom Anthony

A/B Split testing - ODN / Distilled

Head of R&D at Distilled, Future of Search, SEO Expert.

Nichola Stott

Technical SEO / TheMediaFlow

MD @TheMediaFlow, Technical SEO, CRO and web analytics.

Albert Millis

VR expert / Virtual Umbrella

VR expert, helps businesses to use VR in their marketing.

Dawn Anderson

Digital Marketing Lecturer, Strategist

International SEO consultant, UK, US and EU Search Awards judge.

David Harris

Social Media / One2Create

Expert with over 26 years in media and marketing.

Samantha Kingston

VR expert / Virtual Umbrella

Co-Founder @VirtualUmbrella, Award-winning VR expert.

Fili Wiese

ex-Googler (Google Search Quality)

Former senior Google Search Quality team member.

Adela Popilkova

Bing Ads, Microsoft UK

Display advertising, brand marketing and Bing Ads expert.

Russel McAthy

Marketing Attribution / CUBED

CEO, working with businesses from startup to FTSE100.


Robert Nagy


SEO training, helps businesses to use SEO in their marketing.


Google Representative

Co-Host / Google UK

Google training, helps businesses to use Adwords in their marketing.

Matt Oxley

Creative, UX expert / DotLabel

Creative design, user interface development, UX expert

Anna Lewis

Analytics expert / Polka Dot Data

Speaks geek and non-geek, Data/Analytics expert