It was a great year for dmsso17 attendees, we had a wealth of information from experts on topics from SEO to social media.

If you couldn’t soak up all the knowledge at once or couldn’t make it to the event, we’ve put together a handy list of links to all the slides from talks at this year’s event.

Day 1

Tom Anthony – Hypothesis focused SEO 

Nichola StottHow Does Technical SEO Drive Revenue Growth

Dixon JonesCreating Workflows for Sustainable Link Building

Fili Wiese – Goodbye Google Penalties

Mark Irvine Evolved Text Ads

Samantha Noble Bridging the Gap Between Acquisition and Retention

Adela Popilkova Bing Ads/Cortana and Future of Digital Assistants with Microsoft

Andy Headington How to Create User-Focused, Results Driven Digital Experiences

Russell McAthy From Multi-Channel Funnel to Propensity to Buy

Lexi Mills How to Execute Successful PR SEO Content Campaigns?

Samantha Kingston & Bertie Millis Preparing your Marketing Strategies for Virtual Reality

Anna Lewis Taking Google Analytics to Boss Level with Enhanced Ecommerce

Jon Myers Preparing for Mobile First Index

David Harris Rock Your Social Media

Ben Scott-Robinson How to Design a Bot Experience Like Your Reputation Depends on it

Day 2

Anna Lewis – Google Analytics for Ecommerce Sites

Ade Bamgbala  – How to Build a Digital Marketing Plan and Reach New Customers Online

Andy Headington How to Select the Best Keyphrases for Your Marketing Campaigns

Anna Lewis – Get More From Google Analytics with Easy Customisations

David Harris Social Media Bootcamp

Mark Irvine The People of Search

Tristan Griffiths – How & Why Video Marketing Will Change Your Business

Chris Van Schaic – It’s the Content Stupid: Writing for Social Media

Natalie Mott SEO Site Clinic

Mark Gracey Data Rights and Privacy

Tristan Griffiths – Growth Hacking

Shaun Hudson How to Dominate Google Maps


We’re always looking for your feedback, if you enjoyed the event or have any suggestions for next year get in touch via Twitter.