How many times have you left a website after a few seconds because it wasn’t engaging enough? It’s a fact that if your website isn’t clear and the content isn’t interesting, visitors will head straight for that little cross in the corner and move on. That visitor may have been a potential customer and you’ve missed out on a business opportunity.


If you’re developing a website for your business, or you’re thinking about updating, keep the following content marketing tips in mind:


Outline clear marketing goals


Your content creates credibility, personality and differentiates you from your competition. If they don’t like your online persona, they’re not going to make that important sales call, bringing you prospective business.


For each page, determine what you want to achieve, but ultimately your main goal is to bring in new leads, generate revenue and build more client relationships. Use your content marketing to achieve your goals and you’re on to a winner!


Don’t just know your audience, understand them


Great, you’ve worked out your audience you can start writing copy… Not quite.


You need to understand whom you’re marketing to, establishing what they want to know and taking into account how quickly they want to know it. Think about their user journey; making your content concise, interesting, comprehensible and relevant are the main points to keep in mind. Envision yourself as your customer and think about what you want out of a website.


Emphasise that you provide solutions


Your visitors want solutions. Yes, you offer services, but what do they do and what differs you from other companies in your industry?


When writing, outline a problem or a service and then assure them how you’re going to assist them. In doing so, you are immediately marketing yourself in a way your competitors aren’t, convincing your customers that you offer valuable services that they won’t get anywhere else. Be succinct, honest and stand out! Offer them return on their investment.


Include different content types


Everyone absorbs information in different ways and again, depending on your audience, you may like to convey your content in a way that suits them.


If your services or products are visual, exhibit through video or animation to show off what you can do, whilst engaging your customers. Integrate a variety of ways that your customers can consume the information to ensure that you have their full attention.


Give your visitors something valuable to leave with


A visitor has taken the time to find out more about you, so why not give them something valuable to take away when they leave. Produce high-quality, intriguing content that helps your customers and their business.


Being online, the competition is intense, and with more people using the Internet to find services and products, you need to do something that your competitors aren’t!


If you really want your content to attract prospects and gain more business, they need to leave feeling like they will miss out if they don’t pick up the phone and contact you.


If you’d like more information in this area, have a look at the range of marketing services we offer!


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