It was a great year for dmsso18 attendees, we had a wealth of information from experts on topics from PPC, SEO to branding in digital marketing.

If you couldn’t soak up all the knowledge at once or couldn’t make it to the event, we’ve put together a handy list of links to all the slides from talks at this year’s event.


Day 1

Kaspar Szymanski – Google Honeymoon Period. How to exploit it and make your brand new site rank well continuously? 

Duane Brown –  What everyone should learn from my 6 years of mistakes with CRO

Victoria Olsina  –  Page Speed Politics: How to build a business case to actually get stuff done

Jon Myers The Mobile First Index, what, why and more importantly when!

Samantha Noble –  Blink & You’ll Miss It: The Ever-Changing Landscape of Paid Media

Robert Craven –  What the Best Do Differently (Agencies and Brands)

Barrie Jarman –  Automation for Market Intelligence

Mark Irvine –  Search and Social: 3 Tricks to Make Your Advertising Work Better Together

Craig Campbell – Blackhat tips and advice on how SEO can work for you

Patrick Degenhardt –  Blockchain beyond the hype – Trust, decentralisation and the future of business

Day 2

Hannah Thorpe – Using content to build Brand by Hannah Thorpe

Andy Headington – Getting started with voice assistants

Mark Irvine – Making the most out of NEW Google Changes

Hannah Deakin & Charlotte Upfold – Having fun with Google Tag Manager (implement cool things like weather tracking)

Tracey O’Connell – GDPRs, those Pesky Peckers and the E-mail Trail : a look at the law and what it means for e-mail marketing

Daniel Saunders – Amazon Search Optimization. The Usurper of Search

Chris van Schaick – Writing for Social Media

Craig Campbell – SEO Site clinic and Black-hat SEO tips with Craig Campbell


We’re always looking for your feedback if you enjoyed the event or have any suggestions for next year get in touch via Twitter.